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The Annual World Congress


Saturday and Sunday, October 9th & 10th, 2021


Live and Online This Year

Once again, uncertainty over International Travel, social distancing, unexpected waves of infection and so on means that the physical congress cannot run this year - so we will be delivering a Virtual Congress this year and a full Physical Event in May 2022.

The full programme of 12 top presenters will be available soon but here's an outline: 


Saturday 9th

Commences at 9.30 am with Rafiq Lockhat and Terence Watts giving their usual opening address, followed by six 45-minute presentations during the day with a 15-minute break between each, and a 75-minute break for lunch. Includes Rafiq's presentation! Day finishes at 4.45 pm

Apres Congress! Well, we can’t have the usual dinner but we will have an interactive Zoom evening where everybody can chat either in groups or to everybody! it’s free to join for all Saturday attendees.


Sunday 10th

Commences at 10.00 and continues as on Saturday and will include Terence's 'Showcase' of the Major Life Reset protocol.


Please Note: The maximum attendance is 100 places - so book soon!


Attendance fee:

Both days: GBP 147.00

One day only: GBP 99.00 


Full Congress (both days)

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Saturday Only

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Sunday Only

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There's still time to submit your application to be a presenter at this prestigious event!


Presentations should be of 45 minute duration for this event and you can download the presenters application form here. and send to Closing date for submissions is July 31, 2021


Morning (UK) presentation 'slots' are reserved initially for any speakers from Australia or New Zealand.


All presenters will have access to the complete congress and will receive a recording of the event. 


The full programme will appear here soon.