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The Terence Watts BWRT Institute

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The Annual World Congress

The Annual World Congress


Saturday and Sunday, May 18 & 19, 2019


Level 2 Workshop on May 16 & 17

at the
Lane End Conference Centre


2017 saw the inaugural World Congress for BWRT - it was hailed as an outrageous success and the second one, in May 2018, was unanimously recognised as being even better! We are determined to make the third, in 2019, even more outstanding, with a line-up of top BWRT Professionals from around the world. Once again, we will be at the same fabulous venue of the Lane End Conference Centre with exclusive use of all the wonderful facilities.


With top presenters from the UK and overseas, an opportunity to network, make new friends and get reacquainted with old ones, this is an event not to be missed - and if you want to make a really worthwhile visit out of it, there's the chance to take the Level 2 training on the Thursday and Friday, May 16 & 17 giving you the best learning trip ever!


The packages you can enrol for are shown below.


Level 2 Workshop (Non-residential)

Level 2 Workshop (Residential)

Congress and Saturday Dinner (Non-residential)

Congress and Saturday Dinner (Residential)

Level 2 + Congress and Dinner (Non-residential)

Level 2 + Congress and Dinner (Residential) 


The residential packages include dinner B&B from the day of arrival to the last day of the event.


  • The residential package for Level 2 only will be just for the Thursday night

  • The residential package for the Congress only will be just for the Saturday night

  • The residential package for Level 2 + Congress will be for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.


If you want to arrive a day in advance or leave a day late, you will need to arrange extra meals/B&B directly with the centre. In this instance, call 'Louise Altin' on 01494881171 or email 




Saturday May 18 

8.30: Coffee and Registration


 9.00: Terence Watts and Rafiq Lockhat BWRT® in Focus. Terence and Rafiq reprise the development of BWRT® since May 2018

 9.30: Dr Sharon Enoch: "Our BWRT Baby" - a case study on the successful use of BWRT® after 4 failed attempts at Invitro Fertilisation (IVF) in early menopause.

10.30: John Cinderey: Growth without expense - how to get a full diary with no paid advertising. How the working practices of Terence Watts helped the growth.


11.00: Refreshment Break


11.30: Annerie Joubert: From sex addict to authentic self - a multi-session therapy in a complex case and including video of some of the client's reflections on the journey.

12.30: Lisa Grant-Stuart: BWRT® and the neuropsychology of PTSD - How contentless BWRT® is powerfully effective when working with combat  trauma.


13.00: Lunch (included)


14.00: Hayley Rose: The Ph.D. - the aims/ purposes of the research, study design, and results, both quantitative outcome data and qualitative reports from participants.

14.30: Adelina Pjetra: How BWRT® changed the face of therapy in Albania... how the problem solving approach of BWRT introduced brief therapy to Albania.


15.30: Refreshment break


16.00: Rafiq Lockhat: BWRT® in South Africa - some of the challenges and succeses

16.30: Martha Landman: BWRT® and Dissociative Identity Disorder - applicable or not? Treatment options, principles and guidelines: a case study.


17.30: End day one


19.30: The Annual BWRT Dinner Networking, socialising, eating, drinking, and having fun!


Day Two - May 19

 9.00: Coffee


 9.30: Cris Jones: BWRT® and mobile counselling in Cattle Country - travelling over an area the size of Tasmania; working in trucks, in meat sheds, and on water runs.

 10.00: Haroon Essa: Working with dependent/mixed personality disorder - Level 1 and Level 2 work assisting both client and therapist to shift the underlying disorder.


11.00: Refreshment break


11.30: Sue Learoyd-Smith: BWRT® and Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) -  a controversial and under-researched condition: the important facets; 

12.00: Amanda Hart: Working with eating disorders - how to properly recognise it, safeguarding issues and processes, and the ‘three Ps’ of eating disorders.


13.00: Lunch (included)


14.00: Rafiq LockhatBefore and after -  a look at the before and after video of two different phobia cases and the evidence of change.

14.30: Dr Elisa Mecco: A Tale of Two Men -  the BWRT® journey of a same sex couple; lots of digging, many problems discovered and resolved, and now married.

15.00: Suzanne Bond: My amazing BWRT® Level 2 journey - optimising the process to work successfully with a suicidal man with drug/alcohol addiction for 20+ years.


15.30: Refreshment break


16.00: Terence Watts: BWRT® and the new anxiety course - An overview of 'Abolishing Anxiety', the new course by Terence, a complete standalone specialist process.


17.00: Congress finish

Please note: While we make every endeavour to maintain the programme as shown, we reserve the right to make changes where it is felt necessary for any reason.