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Click here for Classroom-Based courses 


Newcomers Complete Course - Saturday April 24, 2021, 11.30 am (UK time)

If you have absolutely no experience of being therapist at all, this is the course for you! It can take you from being a total newbie all the way to qualified BWRT® Professional Practitioner in just a little over 12 months. Click here to find out more!


Level One - General Psychopathology

Commences Monday, May 10,  2021, 7.30 pm (UK time)

This is the Level where all therapists new to BWRT must start training - it is not a basic primer but the very essence of what so many people rave about once they've mastered the techniques involved. It gives you the status of BWRT Professional and equips you to deal with all manner of issues. Click here for online training or for details of classroom-based training, clkck here.


Level Two - Psychology of Identity and Behaviour  Commences Wednesday March 17, 2021 at 7.30 pm (UK time)

When you complete this advanced classroom-based training, you will have the necessary skills to work effectively and quickly with such complex issues as dependencies and addictions, as well as complex OCD, PTSD and other personality-related disorders. Click here for more.


Level Three - Psychophysiology (mind & body) - Commences April 6, 2021

Similar to psychoneuroimmunology but more effective and easier to access, this online course will teach you how to work effectively with the mind/body connection to provide effective help for a large number of physical ailments and conditions. Click here for more.


The following courses are available for dedicated specialist training.

These are optional, and designed for working with extreme intransigence.


Relationship Reboo- Next course: Monday April 12, 2021, 10.30 am (UK time)

This course, 'online and live' allows you to work effectively with the vast majority of Relationship Issues you will encounter. Whether it's a romantic, familial or career relationship issue, you will have the tools to work effectivel with it. Click here for more.


Defusing Depression - Next course: Tuesday June 1, 2021, 7.30 pm (UK time)

This online course disects depression more effectively than you might ever have thought possible. It works in a radically different manner from other courses on the subject which allows it to even be effective with endogenous depression. Click here for more.


Abolishing Anxiety  - Next course, Tuesday July 13, 7.30 pm (UK time)

This course was devised specfically to work effectively in the difficult area of the resolution of Free Floating Anxiety, the symptoms of which can often be totally intractable. The usual innovative processes of BWRT are brought into particularly good use here. Click here for more.


BWRT Transformational Coaching - Next Course Date: October 7/8 2021

The BWRT Coaching programme is an exciting and dynamic method combinign the best of BWRT and two other innovative Terence Watts concepts, WSN and Symbiodynamics. Classroom-based, this is packaged power for change. Click here for more.


Disarm Destructive Anger - Next Course: Friday, April 2, 2021, 10.30 UK time.

This breakthrough course addresses anger at its very roots in the primal recesses of the brain. It provides BWRT Practitioners with a complete 4-5 session protocol that effetively resolved Destructive Anger at its source. Click here for more.


Neurophysical Enhancement - Commences: TBA

The Reptilian Complex is responsible for the way our Autonomous Nervous System functions - and this course allows you to tap into it to enhance physical fitness, stamina, and athletic ability, as well as improve general health.  Click here for more.


Reptilian Magic Expanded  - Tuesday April 6, 2021

The Reptilian Complex contains the essence of the human condition, created by the forces of nature over millions of years. Unfortunately, life never works in the way we've evolved to experience it and this course gives you the skills to sort it out.  Click here for more.


Resistance & Emotional Entropy - Next course: TBA

A fabulous addition to the course list this one allows the professional practitioner to break all but the most consciously determined forms of resistance! Click here for more.


On Demand Classes

Deep Mind Protocol - dealing with the client's past

Two Protocols - Help feritility issues; Imprive self worth. Two protocols in one lesson.

You can download these classes and start studying immediately!