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What the Experts Say

What the Experts Say

What the Experts Say

Professional statements of effectiveness

South Africa is a dichotomy. It has one of the world's major financial centres - Johannesburg - and some of the worlds best medical care. It also has some of the world's worst gang violence, and the resulting PTSD and extreme trauma are part of the daily work of the Country's psychologists and psychiatrists and psychotherapists.


If BWRT can so quickly resolve those issues, it can totally dissolve issues like anxiety, phobias, poor self-worth, relationship problems and more with almost unbelievable ease and it's available for you to learn now.


The letters on this page are not testimonials as such but professional statements of effectiveness from top-flight psychological health practitioners in a country where extreme trauma is almost 'normal'. They work on a daily basis with issues including gang violence, rape and muggings, as well as more 'standard' problems such as anxiety and depression.


The accounts of their work on this page show how BWRT® has made their work easier and more effective, allowing them to provide faster and more efficient healthcare than ever before. These are registered full-time health professionals who have many other skills and yet, as you will see, prefer the speed and efficiency of BWRT®, which they have all studied via the exact same material that is detailed in the various courses detailed on this website. 


Their statements illustrate the sheer range of issues with which BWRT can provide effective help, even at just Level One.


The original letters are held on file should you wish to confirm them.


Rafiq Lockhat, MA - Clinical Psychologist

(Head of BWRT South Africa)


"I am a Clinical Psychologist and have been practicing since 1989.I have been the Vice Chairperson of the South African Society of Clinical Psychologists and a former executive member of the Psychological Society of South Africa, and have also served on the Committee of Preliminary Disciplinary Enquiry of the Professional Board for Psychology in the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


During my many years of clinical practice I have utilized many different forms of psychotherapy to help heal my patients. When I discovered BWRT through doing Terence Watts' course it felt like I had discovered a sliver bullet. The result that I was achieving felt almost too good to be true.


I have since used BWRT on almost 4000 patients, and now use it exclusively to treat all of my patients, with remarkable success rates for a range of disorders such as: PTSD (which is very common in South Africa); sexual abuse; rape; phobias; grief; anxiety; panic attacks; depression among other conditions. What makes BWRT different is that the results achieved are permanent and follow up 3 months, 6 months and 1 year patients show the same improvements made. The other remarkable thing about  BWRT is that these results are achieved in a fraction of the time compared to other therapies I have used before. In many cases it takes between 1 and 5 sessions. Where as before BWRT this may have taken me up to 6 months to achieve the same results. So it is highly cost effective and user friendly in a country like South Africa where trauma is almost the norm.


The BWRT course in South Africa has been approved by the Continuous Professional Development Committee of the Health Professions Council of South Africa, to be taught to Psychologists and Psychiatrists in South Africa as part of their continuous professional development requirement. As of today approximately 800 Psychologists and 6 Psychiatrists have been trained in BWRT. The feedback received is that almost everyone using it in their practice is achieving the same remarkable results to the benefit of their patients.


In summary, BWRT is a psychotherapy which is revolutionizing the world of Psychology in South Africa. It is highly effective, cost effective and accessible to a wide range of patients in a multicultural society like South Africa.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information."

Rafiq Lockhat, MA 


Dr Feroza Arbee - Psychiatrist


"I am a specialist psychiatrist practicing in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have a keen interest in psychotherapy and advocate its importance in EVERY clinical case, irrespective of psychiatric diagnosis. Unfortunately, this isn't always feasible, as most South Africans do not have the finances and time to prioritise mental health. In addition both resources and access to resources are limited.


This is where BWRT comes in. I trained in Level 1 two years ago. It has changed the way I practice. It is an effective, time-limited intervention that has frequently resulted in fewer patients needing psychiatric medications. Those who need medication frequently need lower doses AND it offsets the need for hours and hours of costly and time-consuming psychotherapy. This obviously helps extend our resources further and more effectively, Furthermore, with a medical and scientific background, I am finding more and more uses for BWRT, than it was originally envisaged or intended by Terence Watts.


Patients are better able to deal with delusions, hallucinations, urges to self-harm or abuse substances, reduced frequency of pseudoseizures, compulsion in OCD, etc... These are just a few examples of patients I have successfully helped using BWRT. The possibilities are endless...


I would recommend that BWRT form a part of the training curriculum for all psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists. It is definitely a useful tool in my practice."

Dr. F. Arbee


Dr Elisa Mecco - Clinical Psychologist


"I am a Clinical Psychologist and I have been in practice since 1981, in Italy first and then in South Africa, where I moved to follow my husband in 1994. In the early 80s I received full Psychoanalytical training in Switzerland and practiced accordingly since.


I trained in BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) in 2017 and my Practice changed for ever. I was skeptical initially, as it sounded all too good to be true, but I was blown away by the results I achieved in short periods of time. 


Since then I have been using BWRT every day and with every patient, obtaining amazing success. I have treated with BWRT a variety of cases and presenting problems such as Trauma; Panic Attacks: Phobias; Anxiety in all forms; PTSD and Complex PTSD; OCD; Depression; Post Natal Depression; Nocturnal Terrors; Borderline Personality Disorder; Addiction to substances and behaviour; Bereavement; and more different and complex issues. It is astounding to see how this form of therapy helps every kind of patient, from children as young as 6 to geriatric patients, and how quickly it resolves problems that before its introduction would have taken a long time to deal with. Trauma, Phobias, Panic Attacks are resolved mostly with one single session. More complex problems are resolved with 5 to 10 sessions. I haven’t yet encountered a case that couldn’t be successfully treated with BWRT.


I constantly have requests from people who have heard from someone else about the great results obtained with BWRT and want to be treated specifically with this kind of therapy. 


I have done Level 2 and Level 3 BWRT courses and I cannot be more grateful to Terence Watts for this magnificent innovation."

Dr Elisa Mecco


Mark Khan - Clinical Psychologist


"I have been a clinical psychologist for the last 37 years and a management consultant for the last 20. I have used multiple different models over the years in order to help people to heal their anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, abuse, career and relationship issues.


I have been using BWRT for the last 2 ½ years – having conducted at least 400 sessions – and it has completely revolutionised my practice. I am able to help people to heal their emotional issues in a fraction of the time it used to take me, utilising talk therapy modalities and other more emotionally focussed methods. I have had a number of clients who have recorded 12 or more of the 15 symptoms for PTSD – only 7 being necessary for the diagnosis of PTSD – reducing this number to 1 or 2 symptoms in between 2 and 5 sessions! The level of inspiration this has given me and the confidence that I can truly help severe problems in a very short time, is nothing short of spectacular.


When I first got into management consulting I worked with Dr Merle Friedman who sat on the advisory board for an International Trauma Institute. She would have thought I was fabricating such reports around the capacity for BWRT to heal trauma and I was as sceptical myself of such claims before I began to use it. I have been able to help people heal the wounds created by sexual abuse decades ago, in just 20 minutes. I have helped people come off medication for anxiety, depression and sleep disorders that they have been on for months and sometimes years, in 6 weeks. I have seen adolescents who have had months and years of traditional therapy, including CBT, resolve grief, trauma and bullying in 3-6 sessions. 


I am not saying that BWRT works with everyone, all of the time. No therapeutic model does – and Terence Watts has said as much, many times - but I would say that I can achieve the kind of results I talk about above with at least 70% - 80% of my clients. 


BWRT is my first port of call for just about every problem I am confronted with in my practice and would recommend it to anyone."

Mark Kahn.


Obviously, we are not saying here that you will be as qualified as a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist when you complete your BWRT training. But you will be able to use the very same professional toolset!


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10 Weeks - Live Online

Brainworking Recursive Therapy - Level 1

This is the Level where all therapists currently in practice but new to BWRT must start. Level 1 is a broad spectrum therapy that provides an amazingly fast resolution for the majority of issues from the simple phobia to catastrophic PTSD, from anxiety to disastrous destructive behaviour. It also paves the way for extra training for those who want to specialise at the highest level of skill. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT AVAILABLE UNTIL AUGUST 12!

Tuesday 19th September 2023


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10 Weeks - Live Online

Brainworking Recursive Therapy - Level 1

This is the Level where all therapists currently in practice but new to BWRT must start. Level 1 is a broad spectrum therapy that provides an amazingly fast resolution for the majority of issues from the simple phobia to catastrophic PTSD, from anxiety to disastrous destructive behaviour. It also paves the way for extra training for those who want to specialise at the highest level of skill. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT AVAILABLE UNTIL AUGUST 12!

Tuesday 19th September 2023


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