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If You're A Therapist

If You're A Therapist

In 1983, Libet’s experimental research, for which he won the Virtual Nobel prize for Psychology, showed that there is a measurable wait (more than 1/3 second!) between the moment the brain commences to act upon any stimulus and our becoming aware of that action - in other words, by the time we know what we’re doing, we’re already doing it and it’s old news as far as the physical brain is concerned. BWRT® allows us the opportunity to work in that 'cognitive gap' between the commencement of an action and conscious awareness of it; this allows us the opportunity to negate destructive thought patterns so completely it's as if they were never there - and this all happens before the stimulus has reached the limibic system.


In fact, immediately the therapy is finished, if successful, the client can no longer feel any negative response to the usual trigger for their presenting symptom, no matter how hard they try to ‘fire it up’.


To find out more about how Libet's experiments apply to BWRT® download this document. 


This therapy is largely content-free, using the client’s own thought processes to effect a release from the symptomatic pattern - and there is a strict protocol which ensures the maximum effectiveness possible and complete safety.


A major 'plus' for BWRT is that it can used with total safety via Skype, Zoom or similar media where it is every bit as effective as face-to-face sessions. It is also moreally and ethically acceptable to use it with friends and family with no limitations. BWRT really is the therapy of the future.


BWRT® is now used in preference to all other therapies by an eminent clinical psychologist in South Africa (Terence Watts' research partner) in his clinic and at September 2014, he had amassed more than 900 case studies. He has used it to work with OCD, Grief, Depression and PTSD and many other problems with patients who have been referred to him by Doctors and Psychiatrists. So successful is it in South Africa, that it is now regulated for use exclusively by Clinical Psychologists registered with HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa.)


It's still available more widely elsewhere though and if you would like  to learn this amazingly rapid and modern therapy which can set people free from all sorts of problems faster than you ever thought possible, click here to go to the relevant page now, or email to receive further information.