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Online Training to Professional Level

Online Training to Professional Level

Our Online Training Courses

Online training in BWRT® provides several advantages for the busy practitioner who wishes to add this valuable resource to their skill set:


  • Train with the creator of BWRT® (nobody else trains it online)
  • Study in your own home or office - no need to take time out
  • Avoid travel and hotels
  • Learn more techinques (because of the longer teaching time)
  • All classes are recorded on video - download and keep for future reference
  • Time zone issues allow you to study via the recordings and email any questions


The interactive nature of the classes means that you will soon feel as if you are in a physical classroom and will be able to find 'pratice buddies' among the other students. Terence has been running training classes online since 2011 and is therefore very experienced at creating a great learning environment.


The first BWRT® training was conducted online in October 2013 and many of the practitioners present have gone on to become BWRT® Stars - some of them presenting at the BWRT® Annual World Congress. So online training can definitely turn out world-class practitioners.


This means that we now have expert BWRT® practitioners not just in the UK but also in:


  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • Europe (Italy, Germany, Spain, Irish Republic, Denmark, Guernsey, Norway, France, Albania, Latvia, Sweden, Turkey, Serbia)
  • Asia (India, Tai Wan, Hong Kong)
  • South Africa
  • The Middle East (The Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand


So wherever you live and whatver your time zone, our online training means that you can join the growing band of BWRT® experts across the world!


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