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Other BWRT Trainers

Other BWRT Trainers

Other Available Courses

On this page, you can find a listing of other available training courses for BWRT - unless otherwise stated, these are two-day classroom-based tainings conducted by trainers who have the approval of the Institute (and will have trained at the institute themselves.) Both classroom-based and online training sessions have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages and it's likely that you will favour one over the other.


Courses and dates


Conducted by June Hale and Georgina McKinnon

Level 1 Practitioner training:

April 27/28, 2019: Norfolk

June 22/23, 2019: Kent

For our own students only:

Level 2 Advanced Practioner Training

March 9/10, 2019: Norfolk

May 25/26, 2019: Kent



Conducted by Laura McDonald (Republic of Ireland)

Next course: 24th & 25th August 2018

Lough Lannagh Village, Castlebar, Co Mayo, Ireland



Conducted by Gillian Sinclair (Bahrain)

A&G Management Solutions Copany W.L.L.

Level 1 training:  Date and Venue TBA


Conducted by Rafiq Lockhat (South Africa)

2018 Courses Available - contact for details


Conducted by Wendy Campbell (Australia)

BWRT Training Australia


Level One

October 11/12 2018: Melbourne

October 25/26 2018: Brisbane

March 28/29 2019: Sydney

July 18/19 2019: Melbourne

Level Two

August 29/28 2019: Brisbane

October 10/11 2019: Brisbane


BWRT Level 1 TBA, Islander Resort, Noosaville, Qld.


Conducted by John Rhodes (Denmark)


Level 1 Practitioner Training

February 28th - March 1st 2019, Glostrup

May 23rd - May 24th 2019, Glostrup
August 29th - August 30th 2019, Glostrup

November 28th - November 29th 2019, Glostrup

For our own students only:

Level 2 Advanced Practitioner Training
June 13th - June 14th 2019, Glostrup
October 31sth - November 1st 2019, Glostrup


Conducted by Colleen Copp (USA)

Level 1 Practitioner Training:

Febraury 23-24, 2019

April 27-28, 2019

August 24-25, 2019

October 26-27 2o19


To find out more about the course, click here.


If you are uncertain which training will best suit you, or have specific requirements one of our Advisory Board might be able to help.