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Testimonials from Practitioners

Testimonials from Practitioners

I have recently completed the weight management advanced level and found that my clients are finding the process enjoyable, and easy to follow. Sometimes we need to take a leap to know that we will succeed, and BWRT® really does help provide a positive switch in mindset that feels so natural, and completely organic, clients may wonder how it even happened.

The results speak for themselves, I myself have dropped 12lbs using these powerful BWRT® processes for weight managment. It's been an added incentive for clients, to see how powerful a tool BWRT® is, and these advanced levels, mean we are able to help even more people achieve their hopes and desires, when they may have felt all hope was lost.

That in itself is amazing, and I am sure that I can speak for many practitioners when I say that being part of the clients journey in this positive and often life changing way is a real privilege, their continued results speak volumes and I am honoured to be a small part of the many success stories."

- Jane Williams, Advanced Practitioner, UK


"In my practice I make use of many techniques including NLP, EFT, and traditional hypnotherapy methods. Since completing my BWRT training not only have I found the protocol effective for many clients with varying issues and problems, but it is also unique and unlike anything else I have encountered before. I have had clients attend for BWRT that would not have attended for traditional therapy, because BWRT is largely “Content Free”.

With BWRT there is no need to discuss their personal “stuff” with the therapist. That gives many clients the confidence to seek help where they would not have even consider it previously. It is fast becoming the "Go To" therapy of choice in my practice."

- Alan Artt, Advanced Practitioner, UK


"Firstly, I have to say how much I enjoyed the workshop. It was long and it was intense but my attention never wavered. I found it extremely stimulating, very exciting and really looked forward to using the technique. I have since "experimented" on friends and family and gradually built up the confidence to try it on clients. In all cases the PAL reduced significantly – almost always ending at zero. Clients reported feeling calm and relaxed. There were always lots of smiles when trying to "scare" themselves with the worst memory at the end - no-one was able to."

- Wendy Kempster, Registered Counsellor - South Africa


"I've just begun using BWRT on a few patients, all with severe anxiety disorders such as OCD, PTSD or GAD, and the protocol has resulted in significant decreases in their anxiety level when recalling difficult memories. As I improve my technique I look forward to using it more often and am quite excited by the possibilities of a quicker, more efficient, and novel way of helping my patients, compared to longer-term therapies. Some patients have had as much as a 50 percent reduction in anxiety after just one protocol in one session. I am eagerly awaiting their follow up reports!"

- Suntosh Pillay, Clinical Psychologist - South Africa


"BWRT is the newest, shiniest tool in my toolbox - but it won't be shiny for long! The most used tools never are!

As a relatively new clinical hypnotherapist, I'm still enamoured with the efficiency and effectiveness of hypnotherapy. BWRT has taken that to a whole new level. The clients I've seen for BWRT have only needed one to three sessions to be totally free of whatever it was that they wanted to change. Amazing!

This is a therapy I am proud to offer, and one that I truly believe has the potential to transform the world of inner healing and personal growth."

- Anita Butler, Hypnotherapist - Southern California


"I was fortunate enough to be in the first ever Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) class, knowing from very early on that this new therapy was very different from any others I have been trained in. I was very keen to begin using it with my clients and I have found BWRT so easy use with clients with amazingly fast outcomes, amid perceived arousal levels (PAL) dropping very quickly often with surprised/amused comments from the clients. I have productively used BWRT with issues including Post traumatic issues, Sports performance (many of my clients are sports professionals), Fears and Phobias, Emetophobia (Vomit issues), Self esteem, Weight management and so much more.

BWRT can be administered face to face and also online using Skype, Vsee or the like and would have to be the most exciting and rapid therapy I have worked with."

- Hope Wesley Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist - Australia


"When I first read about BWRT on Terences ‘ Hypnosense newsletter I was intrigued. The process seemed excellent, as the client could work to free themselves of their debilitating thoughts and replace it with a preferred outcome/feeling, without having to divulge their innermost thoughts to the therapist. This intrigue led me to enrolling on the course last year (2014.) I live in Australia and found the facility of learning online, watching a recorded live session, superb, in as much as it offered the flexibility in learning that I needed. Terence was always there on the end of an email should I have needed any clarification during the course, but I found it thorough enough and didn’t need the facility.

Since completing the course, I have used the process on clients with various emotional and anxiety problems and also eating disorders so far and have had excellent results. It is becoming the first choice in the therapies I use as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, because by the end of the session, the client can see / feel ,the immediate effect it has on the problem.

This is a real breakthrough in methodology and an excellent tool to have in your repertoire."

- Andrea Willis Clinical Hypnotherapist - New South Wales, Australia


"I thoroughly enjoyed the online course in BWRT® that I recently completed. It was very professionally led, well structured, and extremely relevant to the needs of my client base. I appreciated the prompt personalized attention to questions that Terence provided. And the best part is that I felt confident in facilitating this unique process soon after completing the course. I highly recommend this leading edge approach to change. And I encourage any therapist or practitioner who is seeking the most current, science based, effective methods to take the Brainworking Recursive Therapy® Online Course, founded and taught by Terence Watts."

- Laya Stettler, CCHT Transformation Coach - Santa Rosa, California


"BWRT has transformed my therapy practice. BWRT is unique and unlike anything else you may have studied, I am finding myself using this therapy more and more each day. In my practice BWRT has become my number one choice for clients presenting with fears, phobias, habits and anxieties of many kinds. I cannot help but get excited when I talk to other about its speed and effectiveness and can verify it can be used by Skype and telephone to great effect. BWRT is largely content free which suits clients who like to keep control!

In my opinion if you want to stay on top of the therapy business this course is a must for all therapists!"

- Barbara Shead - Nutritional Therapist (Dip), MBANT, MFNTP, CNHC Clinical Hypnotherapist (DHP) LAPHP, CNHC - Essex


"I trained with Terence Watts, founder of BWRT, during 2014. The teaching, camaraderie and support from Terrence and the other BWRT practitioners has been excellent. We have shared skills and in so doing enhanced our own lives and that of our clients. This technique has enabled me to personally remove blocks and fears in my life as well as helping a large number of clients with truly amazing effect.

Testimonials from my clients can be read on my website."

- Professional Therapist, Deborah Shipperlee - Ireland


"I am happy to recommend BWRT, a therapy that has taken many of my clients by storm, fast, effective and private. It’s been a long time coming, a completely innovative and fresh method of therapy with delighted clients and astonishing results."

- Georgina McKinnon - The Kent Institute of Clinical Hypnosis


"We often hear the words ‘Once in a lifetime’ uttered about some new product or offer, but this time it really is true. BWRT, or to give it it’s full title of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy, really is the ‘Real Deal’. I have known and studied with Terence Watts and the Essex Institute for several years now and found each course to be first class, excellent value for money and quality learning. So, when I decided to study BWRT, I knew what to expect in terms of teaching on line as well as in the classroom. As with all Terence’s online courses, the teaching was tutor led, with student participation throughout. This of course, opened the class up to even further understanding of the subject.

BWRT really is a once in a lifetime, brand new, form of therapy. It is not some cleverly re-hashed or simplified method of helping our clients; but a brand new and amazingly mind-boggling method of clearing the mind and creating client led thinking, to rid them of so many awful and debilitating thoughts.

As a therapist, you owe it to yourself and to your clients to become a BWRT Professional. As a troubled client, you owe it to yourself to seek out a BWRT qualified professional therapist."

- John Bailey, Asigne-Hypnotherapy - Kent


"Having recently completed the Level 2 BWRT training in London I am finding this methodology to be the most effective and exciting therapy I have encountered since my original training in hypnotherapy15 years ago.

With BWRT I can offer my clients what they really want; rapid change that is often content free.

I have no hesitation in recommending the BWRT training courses, whether online for Level 1 or 'in person' for Level 2. As ever, Terence Watts's teaching is ethical, thorough, and supported by his extensive scientific research."

- Professional Hypnotherapist Claire Knight MBSCH D. HYP(Distinction)


"Almost too good to be true
Just to say how much I have LOVED your BWRT courses, they are logical, informative, fun and inspirational! I would highly recommend them to anyone!  The BWRT® therapy is also a therapy i could not imagine being without now, as part of my "tool box", the results have been astounding, it almost seems too good to be true, but I know its true!
Really i cannot thank you enough for the hard work, dedication and research that you have put in to develop this fantastic therapy!"

- Pippa Jamie, Clincial Hypnotherapist


"A Paradigm Shift
BWRT is a pardigm shift in the workd of therapy because: (a) the sheer speed of it; and (b) the client doesn’t have to be in hypnosis. It really scores highly in the way that it is very straightforward and direct, as well as being suitable for almost all clients, irrespective of their medical history or beliefs about therapy.
Just one of the great things about it is that the client doesn’t have to divulge their deepest, private, or perhaps intimate thoughts and fears – we only need a minial anount of information from them to be able to be effective with this outstanding therapy. As long as the clent can tell us what’s wrong and how it feels we can work with it, and so often, we need only a single session to get the result the client came to us for.
The course is delivered in an interactive, dynamic and easy-to understand manner – Terence makes every effort to ensure that attendees fully understand each lesson. The course has a solid theoretical background, along with an excellent manual and accompanying slide presentations.
I have now successfully used BWRT since 2014 to help clients overcome confidence problems, panic, anxiety and emotional issues, usually achieving  excellent results within just one fifty-minute session. I believe BWRT to be a most useful therapy tool for any mind based therapies practitioner to have in their toolbox.
On the receiving end…
During the course we are encourage to work one to one with other students; as a result, working with another attendee, I was able to resolve two deepy personal issues which actually remain undisclosed. In addition, a situation with a fmaily member made me realise that an issue I had thought resolved was most definitely still active! BWRT, however, laid it finally to rest in just a single session."

- Trevor Wales, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cornwall, UK


"Highly Recommended
I have used Brain Working Therapy for the past year now and during that time I have had great success with this therapy for my clients.  Some of the issues clients presented with are
·      CFS
·      PTSD (after a fatal road accident)
·      Anxiety and panic (several clients)
·      Wedding nerves
·      Massive confidence issues
·      Lost sense of self’.
These are but a few of the long list of issues that I have used BWRT for. BWRT is extremely fast and content free – it’s like gold-dust for clients who do not want to explain in depth what their deepest fears are, or the issues surrounding them.
This is a new and dynamic form of therapy developed by Terence Watts. It is a testiment to his endless quest to improve therapy for both therapists and clients alike.  His professionalism is second to none and his enthuasiasm for positive change, backed up by best practice methods and research makes this a unique therapy for anyone who wants to make genuine positive change for their clients.
Highly recommended!"

- Margaret Mara, Professional Therapist, Ireland


"Terminal patients
I am a clinical psychologist practicing at a government hospital.  The patients are mostly in-patients who have been diagnosed with life threatening diseases and some terminals referrals as in the case of oncology referrals etc.  Many of them experience difficulties adjusting to their diagnosis and their past traumas - I have utilised BWRT for them and the greater majority of the feedback I have received is positive."

- Deepika Pema, Clinical Psychologist, South Africa


"Personal Experience
The event you helped me process with the rolling road technique was the last straw after many instances of public humiliation – usually when I put my neck out about issues that were important to me. With no children and no immediate family in Durban, groups and friends are my only form of social interaction and support. Not being able to present my thoughts in a group without my voice collapsing has been crushing.
So my gratitude is immeasurable. I’m starting to feel able to accept offers of venues for the launch of my books. When I give my presentations, I’ll have someone record me, if only to demonstrate to myself that I am back on track. It’s seven years since last I spoke in public with any confidence.
My heartfelt thanks - may your own work go from strength to strength!
You’ll be glad to hear I did BWRT with two clients today and in both instances brought the PAL down to zero. Given my own positive experience with you I was determined to give my clients the opportunity to break through areas in their lives where they are horribly stuck."

- Erica Clark, Clinical Psychologist, South Africa


"BWRT is truly amazing! 
I am constantly astounded by the positive results and often instantaneous changes I see in my clients, who can literally change in front of my eyes. Even deep trauma can sometimes be resolved in just one session. I have never experienced a therapy like this one and I’ve been involved in therapy for 10 years now and am trained in numerous therapeutic techniques. The BWRT online training consists of 10 interactive classes, extensive notes and diagrams and live online demonstrations, which enabled me to feel rapidly at ease with the technique and gave me the confidence to work in two languages. Most of all, I find it exciting and uplifting to witness this level of transformation in my clients."

- Jane de Beers, Hypnotherapist, Paris (France)


"Everything you could wish for
BWRT is a therapy technique with extraordinary potential! It’s got everything you could wish for as a therapist: It’s incredibly fast, reliable, and works for all ages, sexes and personality types and the client’s most private thoughts do not have to be revealed, and BWRT works even for the sceptical and analytic client.
The client doesn’t even have to believe in the BWRT techniques in order for it to work. Both therapists and clients are often stunned by the rapid results and the effectiveness of BWRT and still we have only just started to explore the applicable fields. It wouldn’t surprise me if this will be the most recommended therapy in about 5-10 years and I’m glad to be a part of this from the start. To see the quick change in a client from when they arrive to the relieved look in their faces when the leave is the greatest reward for me and I’m grateful to Terence for all work he put in to this to make it all possible!
Also, the training material and the course, provided by Terence Watts held very high quality with well formulated and easy to understand notes and graphics. The certified BWRT therapist is well prepared to meet the client’s needs."

- Eva Milton, Hypnotherapist, Sweden


"I have been practicing BWRT for almost one year now and although I was skeptical about all the hype and promises of fast results I have found it all to be completely true. The results of this technique are beyond anything I have seen before – and consistently and lastingly so. In my work as a clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist I specialise in spiritual issues and prefer insight inspired self-development work. I was concerned that this technique would be too mechanical and would lose the gift of self-knowledge and personal empowerment that comes with understanding why we have a certain symptom and figuring out how to overcome it. I have however found – to my great delight – that my clients have profound understandings of themselves as a result of this process and furthermore feel confident and empowered in a deep and lasting way.

I have used it with very good results to help people during chemotherapy treatments to lose their fear of the process and manage the symptoms of the treatment more easily, to help people manage anger outbursts, anxiety in all forms - even severe constant anxiety has responded very well and people no longer feel like they are living anxious lives. I’ve seen a real change in people’s self-esteem, public speaking...I could go on. I do think this should be a tool in every therapist’s tool kit and it really supports and validates the latest research findings on neuroplasiticity. "

- Eilat Aviram Clinical Psychologist, South Africa


"Level Two Training
The Level 2 course was enjoyable and informative.  It was a blend of practical demonstrations, lectures, and therapists practicing on each other.  Plenty of help and advice was available from Terence and the Mentors.  The course materials were excellent.

It is great to be able to have something that can deal with complicated issues such as addiction and eating disorders so succinctly.  "

- Julie Spitler, Hypnotherapist, Saltburn, UK