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Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Opportunity

BWRT Scholarships

A genuine opportunity to receive free BWRT training including Level 2


Commencing in July 2017 and until further notice, we will be offering one free place on every BWRT training course - this will inlcude the 10 online lessons and the weekend training for Level 2. Please note that the Level 2 training is optional,  not mandatory, so if you cannot attend that level you can still apply for the scholarship at Level 1


No Catches

There are no catches - the training is worth almost £900.00 and everything is included, including your final professional assessment for your certification. To be eligible for this training you will:


  • Already be qualified as a therapist in mind-related matters
  • Have no previous training in the BWRT process
  • Have a good reason to be awarded the Scholarship (Being short of funds qualifies!)


This opportunity is open to all countries - the only proviso being that you will attend the classes 'live' rather than study via the recorded lesssons - though you can, of course, review the recording later for reinforcement of learning.



Apply in writing by email to giving the following details:


  • Your name 
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Length of time as a therapist
  • Approximate number of sessions monthly
  • The reason you deserve the Scholarship


 The closing date for the April 24 Course is Saturday April 7.


Good Luck!