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Disarm Destructive Anger

Disarm Destructive Anger

Next Online Course Commences
Friday November 19, 2021, at 9.30am - 10.30am (UK time)

(and on the following three Fridays at the same time.)

The dedicated BWRT® Protocol to Disarm Destructive Anger

TUTOR: Sumedha Bhise


This breakthrough approach addresses Anger at its very root in the primal recesses of the brain. It provides BWRT therapists with a complete 4-5 session protocol that effectively resolves Destructive Anger.


Anger is an expression of ‘fight’ rather than flight, freeze, or fold, having a higher energy than the other Reptilian Brain reactions to threatening stimuli. It is therefore more difficult to manage with traditional therapies when it turns harmful. Since BWRT works directly with the Reptilian complex, it is ideally suited to this work and most everyday anger issues are easily resolved with BWRT level 1. But not all anger is straightforward. There are specific types of anger that seem to be almost the 'default' mode of more disturbed clients. Destructive Anger is often masked and may show as sadness or anxiety on the surface.  It may be expressed openly, expressed in a passive-aggressive way, or suppressed - but never reaches a resolution.


There is very little research into the causes and treatment of anger as a dysfunctional emotion. DSM 5 does not list it in the index, and anger or irritability is referred to only as one of the symptoms of various personality disorders. Anger Management programs rely on learning new behaviours and practicing skill. This is a slow process and prone to recidivism. Therapists need a concise tool that is easy to learn and offers clients rapid results.


The works of Terence Watts and Mark Solms come together in this unique course, inspiring a new way of looking at anger - from a neuropsychological angle. From this perspective, anger appears to be an inward process and outward reflection of how people think about themselves in relation to their environment.


There is therefore a variation in the degree, the expression and, most intriguing of all, in the perception of threat. It follows that an effective therapy will cater to these differences in client personalities and the “well-beingness” offered by their individual surroundings. The Disarm Destructive Anger course will enable you to quickly and successfully facilitate your clients in resolving anger that presents as an emotional disorder and restore the client’s natural ability to problem solve, whether that involves changing the external or the internal landscape.


With the Disarm Destructive Anger course you will gain:

  • An understanding of Destructive Anger and how it may present in therapy
  • Information on how anger affects mental and physical health
  • A simple way to explain the harmful effects of Destructive Anger to your clients
  • A quick understanding of Personality Types and Base Drivers
  • How Personality Types and Base Drivers affect the expression of Destructive Anger
  • How to present BWRT to your client so as to maximise “buy-in”
  • How to guide your client in finding their Preferred Response
  • How to address resistance
  • Two BWRT protocols specifically designed to Disarm Destructive Anger
  • Complete course notes and MP3 recordings


This is the very first course designed and taught by an 'outside' tutor and any enquiries should be made to Sumedha's email address.


Next Online Course Commences  Friday November 19, 2021, 9.30am - 10.30am UK time

TUTOR: Sumedha Bhise

Fee: PLEASE NOTE: The price given on Sumedha's enrolment form is 20,000 Rupees, approxiately GBP 200.00 

Click here to email for payment details and registration link.