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Defusing Depression

Defusing Depression

Next Online Course Commences
Tuesday August 24, 2021, 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm (UK time)

The dedicated BWRT® Protocol for Depression


The BWRT® Defusing Depression Protocol disects depression more definitively than you might ever have thought possible. It explores the exact mechanism of depression, why it exists, and what must happen before it can be disolved - and then provides a plan to do just that. But it doesn't stop there, because you also have the tools to set about reenergising the client to find a full life once more.


It even explores the 'Reptilian Personality' base driver that underpins every decision we make long before we even know we've made it. Therapy cannot easily change that base driver but it does have to take account of it.


On this 6 lesson course, you will learn how to:


  • Define the Reptilian Personality Base Driver
  • Peronalise the protocols for the Base Driver requirements
  • Disolve secondary gain
  • Work without a PAL
  • Use the brand new Easy Acceptance Protocol
  • Use the brand new Detach Protocol
  • Use the brand new Energiser Protocol
  • Keep the client focused between sessions via worksheets
  • Create client-centered and personalised deliveries


And there's also a detailed Therapy Running Order section that will allow you to deliver the therapy perfectly right from the beginning.


PLEASE NOTE:  We are not a medical organisation and work specifically and solely with the psychological component of previousy diagnosed depression. We do not work without there having been a medical diagnosis and the agreement of GP or Consultant to ongoing therapy. We work solely with the psychological aspect of this condirtion.


This dedicated course is 'pure' BWRT® and contains much new material not taught on any other course (don't confuse it with Level 2 work - it's quite different!)


The depressed client finds it extraordinarily difficult to maintain concentration and focus, so this protocol has been designed to require minimal effort on the client's part. And that, of course, results in less frustration for the Practitioner!


You must be a Registred Member of the Institute to enrol on this course.


Next Online Course Commences

Tuesday August 14, 2021, 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm (UK time)

Course Fee: GB299.00 (approx US$330.00)



The tuition fee includes class notes, videos, and post course support and can be paid in 2 x payments of GBP149.50, one on enrolment the other before June 1. Click 'Instalments' when enrolling and we'll contact you shortly.


REMEMBER to download the 'Instuctions' file after payment!