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Major Life Reset

Major Life Reset

 Next Training: Wednesday February 16, 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm (UK time)

This two-hour class gives you the tools to sort out the most 'messed up' individual!

TUTOR: Terence Watts

'MLR' sorts out the messy brain!

This protocol is designed for the individual who states that their life is 'totally messed up' without being able to define exactly what is wrong. They are 'just a mess'; relationships fail; employment fails; nothing lives up to expectations; they always somehow end up with second best; they miss out on most opportunities; and when they don't, it turns out they would have been better off if they had.


The one common denominator in all this misfortune is them - but even if they understand this, they are powerless to change it without assistance.


The problem starts very early on. At birth we have only two innate instinctive responses, those to falling and loud noises, but over the next four or five years or so, we will develop a whole lot more that will be based on:


  • Whether our environment is usually physically painful or not
  • Whether our environment is usually fearful or not
  • Whether our life is repetitive (stable) or unpredictable
  • Whether we are a part of the family or apart from the family
  • Whether we are able to be the agent of change or not


Those 'new' responses become automatic and there will be an instinctive distrust of any situation that is very far removed from that acquired belief of how our life operates.


It matters not at all if life is good or 'total rubbish' - there will still be a distrust of that which does not 'fit' that which the Reptilian Complex has learned is part of the process of survival... so unconscious resistance to change in therapy is the 'norm'!


Designed for the totally messed up individual

This protocol is designed to provide effective help for the client whose life totters from one disaster to another. Most often they will have a background that matches one of the following:


  • Their early life was acceptable as far as they can recall until some change occurred
  • Their early life was of poor quality as far back as they can remember
  • Their early years varied unpredictably between poor and acceptable.


And there's another element to add to this unhappy mix - they may have had to adopt a Fundamental Reptilian Drive (Fear, Need, Want or Greed) that is simply 'not them'. This can result in poor life choices, among other uncomfortable situations, as well as a continual sense that they are just 'not right'.


All of this makes the process of therapy fraught with problems... or would without this protocol to work with! Essentially, we reset the Reptilian Complex where necessary in each of four major developmental stages in life. 


  1. Emergence of the awareness of self as an individual at 3 - 5 years old
  2. Exploration of the phsical World between 6 - 10 years old
  3. Development of self-autonomy between 11 - 15 years old
  4. Separation from childhood from 16 - 20 years old

The Alternative Self

Once we have completed the preliminary work we have the perfect foundation to apply the main 'reset' of this entire protocol: The Alternative Self which we have helped the client to discover along the way. All that remains then is to confirm or adjust that Fundamental Reptilian Driver.


This protocol is rather like the Virtual Perfect Childhood on steroids!


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The fee for this training is: GBP99.00 - includes video, client-orientated powerpoint presentation for promotion and full notes.


Major Life Reset Protocol

Next Training: Wednessy February 16, 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm (UK time)