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Relationship Reboot

Relationship Reboot

 Next Online Course Commences: Tuesday July 27, 2021, 10.30 am - 11.30 am (UK time)

(This is a 6 lesson course held on the same day/time each week)

TUTOR: Terence Watts


Work effectively in romantic, familial, or career relationships


Please note: You must be a member of The Terence Watts BWRT Institute to enrol on this course – it covers work which might affect people who are not present in the therapy sessions and therefore it is important that you have full access to supervision.


Relationships can be one of the most difficult areas in which to work for a therapist, so much so that many just decide it’s not within their sphere of expertise and refer on as necessary. And yet, once you have the structure and professional tools in place it can be astonishingly rewarding and fulfilling. 


There is no claim that this Relationship Reboot course replaces any form of ‘standard’ relationship counselling, therapy or coaching models, of which there are many – it is essentially a ‘lite’ course that will allow you to work effectively with most relationship issues that present in the therapy room.


The Course is designed primarily to help the client speedily with one of two issues:


  • The relationship is dysfunctional and on the point of dissolution
  • The relationship is functional but unrewarding or in some other way unhappy.


Overall, working with relationships can be a frustrating and perilous area without a strong structure in place, mainly because we are often only in contact with one half of it.


Two Levels of Work

As with other presenting situations, some cases are easier than others to work with and so the course provides for every eventuality:


  • Two work levels, Basic, for straightforward issues with an individual in therapy, and Compound, where there is a need for professional assessment of the entire dynamics and interaction of the relationship.
  • Use of existent protocols where they are suitable – the course material will be used mainly to decide on the ‘direction’ of therapy.
  • New specialised protocols where specific work is needed.
  • A defined clinical structure to minimise perceived bias or possible practitioner error.
  • Specific approaches for three different relationships – Emotional, Business, Familial.
  • Specific approaches for working with an individual or a couple.


The course uses basic elements of Warriors Settlers and Nomads work and embodies a unique assessment for change process that looks at the Fundamental Wellness, and the most likely route to success out of Change, Compromise or Acceptance.


You'll learn to work with couples and individuals in romantic, familial or career situations and also when it is necessary to advise the client that individual therapy might be needed to achieve the best possible result.


The course contents include:


A Resource File comprising: 


  • Specialised Acceptance Protocol 
  • Separation Protocol
  • Relationship Reboot protocol
  • Questionnaires 
  • Agenda buster routine
  • Session guidance for clients (rules!)
  • Relationship-Specific Informed Consent Form


You'll also receive the entire text of the six-lesson Essex Institute's Relationship Repair course (no longer taught at the Essex Institute but which complements this course perfectly!)


The course is of 6 lessons, each one self-contained and covering a different subject and on completion you will have an exceptionally powerful tool to resolve most relationship issues. It incorporates the power of BWRT and the flexibility provided by ‘WSN’ work, along with the  3-decade experience of Terence Watts in working with people in all manner of situations.


Next Online Course Commences: Tuesday July 27, 10.30 am - 11.30 am (UK time)

Course Fee: GBP299.00 

Instalment plan available (incurs a small admin charge.)