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Two Protocols: Fertility + Self Worth

Two Protocols: Fertility + Self Worth

Two New Protocols

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An Advanced Online Training


This class covers the entirely new protocols that were introduced at the BWRT Inuagural Congress in May 2017:


  • Banishing Fertility Problems
  • Improving Self Worth


These protocols are considerably more detailed and involved than those already created and are educational pieces in themselves.


Banishing Fertitlity Problems

Here, you will learn how to explain exactly why stress and anxiety causes difficulties with fertiility. It allows you to introduce your client to some of the major issues affeting the ability to conceive, and how to sort them out.


It covers in exact detail the bio-chemical reasons for why infertility can be the result of anxiety - and it is not just a kind of resistance, agenda, or fear. It's body chemistry, and not directly associated with the frustration and stress of failing to conceive but with elevated cortisol levels in either the male or female. This class gives you an easy-to-understand process you can use with your clients, both males and females, to help them achieve their dearest wish - a child.


It also shows you exactly when to see each half of the couple individually and when to see them as a couple, and addresses the physiologiy as well as the psychology of conception.


Improving Self Worth

This protocol is essentially a singe-session level 2 style therapy that is already getting superb results, thanks to the way it 'funnels' the client's thought processes and helps them to recognise the real problem. 


Although client-led, as with all BWRT protocols, this allows the practitioner to establish the perfect 'antidote' for the flagging image of self, restoring it instantaenously to the way it was always 'supposed' to be.


Full written notes for both protocols are provided and, as always, unlimited later support where it's needed. 


Please note that instalment payments are not available for this class.


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