Deep Mind Protocol

Deep Mind

Deep Mind Protocol


The Specialised BWRT® Protocol
for when Regression is Indicated


Next course: Tuesday October 30, 7.30 pm - 8.45 pm


The Deep Mind protocol is designed specifically for use with cumulative trauma, where the client has a multitude of issues but where no single one seems likely to be responsible for their presenting difficulty.

Anywhere where you might need to employ a regression style of work is where you could use Deep Mind. It is not designed to discover an Initial Sensitising Event (though will sometimes do so) but it is designed to produce the same level of emotional well-being in the client as if repressed emotion had been released.

The process combines the strengths of both BWRT® and WSN, providing one of the most powerful of investigation and repair therapies you could imagine.

It is ideal for use where you hear any of the following:  

  • My life is a mess and always has been
  • I can never keep a relationship – I get scared if it’s good, hurt when it’s bad
  • I always seem to be attracted to unsuitable partners
  • I feel like a child in an adult world
  • I’ve been insecure for as long as I can remember
  • I have this sense of hopelessness
  • Nothing ever works out the way I want it
  • I’m uncertain of myself, never sure I’m doing the right thing
  • I’m just a fraud and I’m frightened one day I’ll get found out
  • I feel like everyone except me knows what they’re doing

The reason such situations are difficult to deal with is simple: the ‘roots’ of such circumstances are many and varied in any one individual and this creates an overall sensation of despair, with no clear focus on any single symptom pattern. 

The Deep Mind protocol is suitable for all levels of practitioner but there are occasions when Level 2 work will be indicated for a full resolution. If you are not Level 2 qualified, then you may need to refer on to a different practitioner.

This is a four lesson course, priced at: £199.00 and the next course commences on Tuesday October 30 at 7.30 pm - 8.45 pm and subsequent Tuesdays at the same time.




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