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Resistance & Emotional Entropy

Resistance and Emotional Entropy

Resistance and Emotional Entropy

Now part of the Psychology of Trauma & Abuse

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Emotional Entropy

Entropy is the natural state of the Universe to which all structures eventually return - disintegration into the most minuscule component parts. The human psyche mirrors this process, structured thoughts and processes eventually fading to become part of what we think of as ourself.


Emotional Entropy is the natural state of the psyche  during states like meditation or even simple calm relaxation. Thoughts and ideas come fleetingly into existence then dissolve into their minsucule component parts, though we can gather them together to temporarily recreate them via memory if we want to. The same thing happens with most experiences - the psychological processes gradually fade into the 'background noise' of the psyche.


But sometimes, something goes wrong. An upleasant memory fails - or partially fails - to succumb to Entropy and its demands for attention manifest as a symptom! And so the individual submits for therapy and with BWRT® we usually find an impressively fast resolution. But not always. Once in a while, the Reptilian Complex locks an unpleasant event or process and deteminedly defends it from any intervention.  



There are various evidences of the Lock and the individual might display more than one:


  • An active, evident and irresolvable secondary gain or agenda.
  • Lack of participation (i.e. interrupting the loops, ‘zoning out’, failure/refusal to find a replacement response or future memory or similar in Level 1 work, failing to complete worksheets in Level 2 work, inability to establish the ‘ideal self’ and similar.)
  • Dismissal of therapeutic offerings. (“That wouldn’t work for me…”)
  • Moving the goal posts’ – i.e. a sudden change of symptom(s), change of requirements, producing a previously unmentioned contraindicator and similar.


There are two categories:


  1. Auto-resistance that the individual can recognise once introduced to the idea but is apparently powerless to explain or address.
  2. Auto-resistance that the individual states they cannot recognise or accept. This is a ‘double lock’ and there is usually antipathy or cynicism towards the idea of therapy.


The second of those is familiar to most practitioners and is the most difficult situation to resolve - but this course still gives you a chance, even then!


This four-lesson training is designed to successfully and quickly 'pick' that Reptilian Lock and it will allow complex situations to be resolved more quickly than ever before!


Do remember that this is not a protocol designed to resolve the presenting issue (though it might well do that) but to remove resistance, allowing 'standard' BWRT® protocols to work effectively.


Course Fee: £199.00 


Resistance and Emotional Entropy

Next course: Tuesday May 18, 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm


Download the pre-reading (the original Reptilian Magic document.)