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Newcomers Complete Course

Newcomers Complete Course

Next Newcomers Complete Course Commences Saturday April 23 2022, 11.30 am - 1.00 pm (UK time)

(Classes are online, 90 minutes in duration, and are conducted on the fourth Saturday of the month) Download a list of the class dates here




PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to have a brief online interview before you can be accepted onto this course. This course is not availalbe to South African students (only Health Professionals registered with HPCSA are allowed to use BWRT® in South Africa.)


This complete training course will take you from the very beginning to professional BWRT Practitioner level in around 12 months, after which you can optionally continue to train to become proficient at the higher levels of the process. So even if you have absolutely no experience at all in the world of personal therapy, you can now study one of the most outrageously successful of modern neuroscience-based methods.


If you're seeking a change of career into something that can provide the absolute maximum as far as job satisfaction is concerned, then it doesn't get any better than helping others overcome their demons! Not only that, it offers you the chance to become totally self sufficient, to set your own working hours and income, and advance through your career at your own pace. How high you fly and how quickly you get there is entirely up to you!


BWRT® has been described by therapists of all persuasions, including Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Medical Doctors as 'standing the world of psychology on its head'. So much so, that in some parts of the world it's even being used in the military and police forces to quickly resolve PTSD, as well as in the prison services. 


BWRT® is based firmly in neuroscience, super-fast, private (the client doesn't have to share their secrets) and beautifully structured so that you can easily learn to deliver what is pretty much a 'bomb-proof' therapy. It's easy to see just how effective this new therapy is - type 'BWRT' into any Internet search engine and you'll see that there are hundreds of therapists who have created special dedicated websites.


What You Will Learn

Important: While this course will show you how to work ultra-effectively with 'every day' psychological difficulties such as fears, phobias, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, mild depression, mild to moderate OCD, most PTSD, sexual difficulties, self-confidence, procrastination, relationship issues and more. Serious illnesses like Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Asperger's syndrome, Autism and similar need extensive specialised training and such issues are not covered here.


The course will teach you everything you need to know, including:


  • How to get started in your new practice
  • Getting the best out of your advertising, websites, social media 
  • How to find out if the client is suitable for the style of work you will learn
  • How to ensure the client engages with the therapy
  • Client Management from start to finish
  • How to make sure you don't 'collect' the problems your client brings to you
  • Finishing therapy cleanly and professionally
  • Setting your working hours and scale of fees


In other words, you will learn all the thoroughly practical stuff - far more, actually, than is listed above - that you need to be successful. In fact, as part of your training you will receive 6 previously recorded lessons of the Essentials of Successful Practice course that is part of the curriculum of The Essex Institute (www.essexinstitute, This course, conducted by Terence Watts, covers all the basic essentials of making a success of your practice and has helped hundeds of therapists before you to find and sustain success - and if you take notice of the media, you'll know that skilled therapists are needed to deal with a growing tide of depression, anxiety, self-harming, addictions, OCD, PTSD and other psychologically debilitating conditions. It's fair to say that whatever somebody wants help with you'll know what to do!


As soon as you have passed your final assessment, you are eligible to join the Terence Watts BWRT Institute at Registered Practitioner Level on payment of the membership fee. This is not mandatory, though, and you would still be admitted as an Associate member.


The Study Process

The course comprises 12 x 90 minute online 'live' video tutorials - these are all recorded for later viewing/reviewing so wherever you are in the world, all you need to get started is a reasonably good internet connection.

  • You will study the modules at monthly intervals - time is needed to fully assimilate the information of each module
  • Each module of the course has a home assignment, so you won't be bored!
  • You will be assigned a mentor with whom you will have regular online sessions of around 30 - 45 minutes (in addition to the 90 minute course tutorials)
  • You can ask as many questions as you like - we want you to be a true expert!
  • Everything you need is included in the course fees - there's nothing else to pay
  • You will be able to start seeing clients immediately you have completed your studies
  • This is the only course of its kind - you will be learning BWRT® directly from the creator of the process!

When you have finished your studies, you will actually have more than just BWRT® to work with clients - as good as it is, there are occasions when it just doesn't suit someone's personality, which is a problem for all therapies. So you will have also learnt basic hypnotherapy via a 'lite' version of the course that Terence Watts created in 1999 and taught to thousands of students at the Essex Institute - and which is still being taught now in several other schools. You can find out more about that course, if you wish, if you click here


While you will not be learning the entire Essex Institute course in hypnotherapy, you will learn more than enough to effectively employ hypnosis when or if you need to - and there's no 'special gift' required to be able to hypnotise anybody, as you will discover. The hypnotherapy part of the course is an essential, since it gives you the foundation knowledge of the human psyche that you will build upon to be become a top-rate BWRT Practitioner!


But it doesn't even stop there, because you will also learn how to be effective with the astonishing personality-related work, Warriors, Settlers and Nomads that will allow you to amaze people with how quickly you can discover exactly what makes them 'tick' - it will definitely seem as if you have special powers!


As you might already be recognising, Terence Watts is very much a leader in the field of therapy, having become a full-time Professional Practitioner in 1989 and has never stopped working since. So you could not be in better hands!


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