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Working with OCD

Working With OCD

Next 3 x 2 hour lesson Online Course Commences
February 14, 21, 28, 2022, 11.00 am - 1.00 pm (UK time)


The BWRT® Working with OCD course takes a radical new look at the mechanism and underlying drives for this condition which is notoriously difficult to work with.


It is generally accepted that OCD is underpinned by anxiety, and yet working to alleviate any anxiety that can be identified, and even more besides, so often doesn't result in a satisfactory outcome. 'Satisfactory' as far as BWRT is concerned is primarily a total, or almost total, alleviation of symptoms; failing that, at least a profound reduction in the associated stress, thus allowing the symptoms to abate over time.


From the start this course takes a different view, proposing that:


  • Anxiety is not the driver for the OCD but is definitely present
  • The presence of anxiety with OCD is an example of correlation, rather than causation
  • Both the anxiety and the OCD are driven by another underlying process
  • The OCD behaviour is a replacement response, a substitution


The course material is comprehensive and covertly explores the darkest corners of the client's psyche, while carefully avoiding concepts and situations that could be inclined to trigger an obsessive process. The questionnaires - there are two, each completely different in content and structure - provide a wealth of material with which to apply the relevant BWRT protocols. 


The end result of the exploration is a clear view of exactly how to work to the best effect, the materials needed to do the job, and a failsafe process that will capture the 'outliers' whose OCD has a different root. And if that root turns out to be anxiety after all in some cases, then you will be able to pinpoint the exact triggers to work with.


The course includes 2 new specialist protocols:


  • The Reconditioning Protocol
  • The Consolidation Protocol


As in the amazingly successful Major Life Reset protocol it takes account of the four primary life stages and includes a later one where OCD commonly starts for females; this last is also a 'fail safe' process, since OCD that commences after the last stage may be an indicator of brain pathology. The stages are:


  1. Emergence of self-awareness: 3 – 5 years old 
  2. Exploration of the physical world: 6 – 10 years old
  3. Development of autonomy: 11 – 15 years old (most likely start point for males)
  4. Separation from childhood: 16 - 21 years old
  5. Development of maturity: 22 - 35 years old (most likely start point for females.)


There's a specialised process for working with youngsters in the first two stages, with a careful questioning technique to reveal abuse, bullying or other possible trauma that has been kept secret. (One of the suprising things about OCD in this group is that it can occasionally be caused by bacterial infection.)


This is probably one the most comprehensive methodologies for working with OCD that you'll have ever seen!


(You must be a Registered Member of the Institute to enrol on this course.)


Next 3 x 2 hour Lesson Online Course:

Monday February 14, 21 & 28, 2022, 11.00 am - 1.00 pm (UK time)

Course Fee:  TBA

Enrolling is by invitation only for the first iteration of this course.